Replicable solutions: get inspired by this immersive exhibition in Finland

Finland, known for its beautiful landscapes, forward-thinking education system, and social welfare, is also witnessing profound demographic changes with an ageing population and increasing migration. These transformations call for innovative solutions to address the diverse needs of its citizens. 

At Edufication, we consistently strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge immersive learning experiences. 

This past September, we explored an intriguing format — an immersive hybrid exhibition. Not only did it serve as an exemplary model of hybrid learning, but it also stimulated fresh perspectives, potentially informing our future R&D initiatives and project frameworks.

What is it? 

The Snowball Exhibition through the immersive and modern format aims to provide attendees with 50 carefully selected solutions, each impact-proven, local, and replicable. 

These solutions not only inspire hope but also invigorate aspiring changemakers, citizens, and entrepreneurs to take action for positive change. 

For aspiring social entrepreneurs, the idea of starting something new can be daunting. But the Solutions Exhibition emphasizes that one doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

By learning from the best models of social enterprises and collaborating with experienced pioneers, social entrepreneurs can launch their initiatives with greater confidence, saving time, and optimizing resources. 

How does it work? 

The exhibition’s format brings stories to life. With 50 posters in the room, each featuring a short description, captivating images, and a QR code, attendees can immerse themselves in each narrative. 

Scanning the QR code leads to an audio story, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the lives of others and learn about potent solutions. Here are a few highlighted solutions (do check the full list here, including some ideas on sustainability and inclusion, and respective list of audio stories is accessible through this link,): 

  1. Konexio: For refugees and migrants, like Fardosa from Somalia, the digital world often feels distant. But Konexio is changing that narrative. Fardosa’s journey from conflict to becoming a digitally skilled individual exemplifies Konexio’s mission. With their training, Fardosa broke her barriers to employment, highlighting the organization’s footprint in countries like Kenya, Malawi, and Jordan.
  2. Duo for a Job: Imagine the desolation of being a skilled professional like Sofiane, a doctor in Algeria, and then facing barriers in a new country. Duo for a Job is rewriting such stories. Through this initiative, professionals like Sofiane find mentors from the retiree community, bridging the generation gap and turning it into an asset. This intergenerational mentoring program transforms obstacles into opportunities.
  3. Wohnbuddy: For young students like Stefan in Vienna, finding affordable housing is a challenge. Wohnbuddy offers a unique solution: intergenerational living. Stefan’s experience, from living with the elderly to sharing moments of joy and learning, symbolizes the organization’s aim. Beyond just providing a home, Wohnbuddy builds bonds that span generation.
  4. VollPension: Anna, a retiree in Vienna, once missed the warmth of her kitchen and the laughter of her guests. With VollPension’s “generation café”, she returned to her culinary roots, serving delightful dishes and memories. For retirees like Anna, the café is more than just a workplace; it’s a place where life’s second act shines brightest.
  5. Welcoming International: Youssef Khalyl had dreams for his family, but the path wasn’t straightforward. Moving from Morocco to the US, he sought the famed ”American Dream”. Initially, in Nashville, those dreams seemed distant. However, a move to Louisville, a certified “welcoming city”, changed everything. Thanks to Welcoming America, families like Youssef’s find a community, a career, and a sense of belonging. 
  6. SPEAK: Young Anna, having fled Ukraine during a tumultuous period, landed in Lithuania, seeking peace and a fresh start. But the unfamiliarity was daunting. SPEAK changed that. Through language groups and cultural exchanges, Anna found her voice and a community. In Lithuania and many other countries, SPEAK is bridging divides, one word at a time.


Did any of these stories touch your heart? Maybe you could integrate them as study cases into your class to inspire students to take the challenge of adapting them to Finland? Or maybe you could use a similar format to showcase your R&D results? 

The exhibition is hosted regularly in FInland, check the schedule here. If you’re inspired by these stories and solutions and want to share them with your community, the opportunity is at your fingertips. Anyone can host the Solutions Exhibition. To bring this immersive and transformative experience to your locale, simply get in touch with the organizers. 

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