Video: What happened in Startup Passion during the year 2018?

This is a documentary about the events of the 2018 Startup Passion training program. The documentary follows the year from students and mentors view and gives ideas and stories on what does it take to form a startup business. Antti Leppilampi and Joni Hakasalo gathered together the best clips that were put to social media channels – Instagram and Facebook during the year so that the viewer can see what was it like to be in the program.

This documentary here is the full 44 minute version, but it will be cut for smaller clips later. We decided to cut it to smaller clips so that each clip has a ”lecture theme”. Then all the interested lecturers or students can watch the parts they like the most.

Mentors who were interviewed:

  • Sabine Suorsa – Project manager at XAMK
  • Kirsi Rouhiainen – Lecturer at XAMK
  • Heidi Sjögren – Project manager at Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company

Read more about StartUp Passion from the website.

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