Lifelong Learning Through Cross-border Cooperation and Innovative Solutions: Xamk Joins the Future of Education Consortium

In a significant development for educational technology and innovation, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk has joined the Future of Education Consortium.

This newly formed but already promising alliance, led by the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) and European Diplomats, enables Xamk to share best practices in education and explore other innovative methods and perspectives.  

The consortium works in a three-way collaboration among universities and education providers, EdTech companies, the private sector, and government participation. It offers a comprehensive benchmarking and toolkit for teachers, learners, parents, and policymakers, leading to immediate improvements in education. 

This inclusive approach is expected to generate impactful outcomes, enhancing the quality and accessibility of education globally.  

Alistair Starling, a co-founder of European Diplomats, discussed the Consortium’s vision, stating: 

 The Consortium aims to revolutionize learning through collaboration among educators, technologists, and visionaries, leveraging the latest educational developments.

He emphasized the key objectives of European Diplomats, facilitating this Consortium, focusing on digitalization, enhancing Business-to-Government relations, adaptive learning, gamification, AI integration, digital literacy, equitable technology access, and cybersecurity in education.   

Meeting in Mikkeli, 2024 

Xamk hosted the second in-person meeting of the consortium in Mikkeli on January 25th, 2024. 

This event brought together diverse educators, technologists, and visionaries from Estonia, Malta, Finland, and the UK, all committed to shaping the future of education.  

Petteri Ikonen, Director of Education in the fields of Business and Culture of XAMK, gave the opening remarks, introducing Xamk’s commitments and visions. 

Pekka Pulkkinen, Head of the Publication and Production Services Unit & Board Member of XAMK, showcased their groundbreaking work in micro-courses and the Edufication production model.  

Head of RDI Services Development Marjaana Kivelä highlighted the RDI achievements and thematic areas, providing further grounds for discussion. 

Senior Lecturer Liisa Laitinen discussed UusiX2030 and pedagogical changes in Xamk’s curriculum.  

Business Partnership Coordinator Inka Vanhanen presented FUEL and VR’s place in Xamk Mikkeli for interactive learning and presentations, while Media Assistant Ilmari Puhakka showcased the video studio where Edufication films microcourses. 

Is AI going to take over the education anyways? 

Set on Dexi stage, in the panel discussion ”Education 2050: New Learning Technologies and Methodologies… or is it All Simply About AI?”, experts from various sectors convened to explore the evolving landscape of education and the integration of technology. 

The panel featured Kalli Terras, the Estonian Ambassador-at-large for Education and EdTech, representing governmental perspectives; Toomas Kruusimägi, a Board Member of the European & Estonian School Heads Association, offering insights from the education sector; and Jari Mustonen, CEO & Founder at Itsellesi, contributing views from the private sector. 

They discussed enhancing the quality of education, using AI for scalability and personalized learning pathways, and the importance of balancing technology with traditional teaching methods. 

The panel also highlighted the need for teacher training in technology, advocating for interactive and student-led approaches like flipped classrooms. 

Xamk, by co-organizing the event, is set to contribute significantly to the Consortium’s goals, leveraging its research and practical insights in the field of EdTech. 

Looking ahead, these international partnerships are likely to foster a more interconnected global education system. 

These partnerships will likely promote inclusivity, adaptability, and lifelong learning through cross-border cooperation and innovative solutions,” Starling added, envisioning a future shaped by these collaborative efforts.  

Xamk’s integration into the Future of Education Consortium places it at the forefront of a movement redefining global education. Together, they aim to unleash the full potential of education technologies, ensuring equitable access and fostering an environment where every learner can thrive in the digital age.  

Written in cooperation with the European Diplomats. 

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