Study psychologists offer support for the whole higher education community

Study psychologists are a part of Xamk’s Student Wellbeing Services. We promote wellbeing at Xamk and with our partners.

Degree students can contact us if they have any thoughts or doubts about studying, learning or wellbeing. Students are often also referred to our services by teachers or other staff members, close relatives, or employees of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Whatever the perceived problem, big or small, the key step in the process of change is the student’s own willingness. The following are just some of the questions which students can contact us with:

  • How to manage study-related stress?
  • How to get help with time management?
  • Is this the right field of study for me?
  • What to do when it is hard to concentrate?
  • What to do when I do not have the motivation to study?
  • What to do when I experience anxiety about studying and speaking in class?
  • I am nervous about graduating – how do I prepare myself for work?

We offer quick, up-to-date help in daily student life

Appointments with study psychologists are available for degree students at Xamk and they can be arranged through Teams, by phone or on campuses. We communicate in Finnish and in English. Students can book appointments by Xamk email. According to our service promise, appointments are available within two weeks of the contact. You do not need to queue to get an appointment with the study psychologists at Xamk.

Study psychologist appointments offer solutions for study-related problems

Our guidance appointments are confidential, and solution focused. The number of appointments is typically one to five, and the length of an appointment is approximately an hour. During the appointments, we discuss matters that the student wishes to see changes in. Together with the student, we discuss what steps they have already taken to solve the matter, what kind of obstacles they have faced, and how these obstacles could be overcome together. We form the plan and goals for the appointments together with the student. We also discuss the student’s thoughts, feelings and actions related to studies.

What is the difference between study psychologists and psychologists in student health care?

As study psychologists, our approach is guiding and advisory. We offer up-to-date, easily accessible support for the wellbeing of students. We do not offer therapy, crisis work or psychological examinations. The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), on the other hand, offers students general and mental health services that focus on evaluation, examinations, and therapeutic treatment.

Psychological wellbeing for everyone at Xamk

Xamk staff can contact and consult us on student-related matters. We are involved in many work groups as representatives of student wellbeing. We also take part in student health meetings in cooperation with students and the FSHS. In addition, we participate in joint meetings with teaching staff, students, and student groups, if necessary.

We also offer an online course ‘Using Wellbeing Skills to Promote Studying Ability’ (2 ECTS credits), where we teach Xamk students wellbeing skills. The course is organised every year in Finnish as well as in English. The course is a part of elective studies and supports the students’ ability to study from different viewpoints. We recommend this course especially to those starting their studies.

Our duties also include producing wellbeing material for both students and staff. We have recorded podcasts on themes related to studying and daily life at higher education institutions. We also update the Study and Work Skills page on the Lux intranet, where you can find tips for study skills, stress, time management and concentration, as well as on many other topics.

We are happy to cooperate with everyone at Xamk. We aim to keep ourselves up-to-date and find new ways to work. Innovative ideas are always welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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