Blurring the Lines Between Degrees to Achieve Success in the Gaming Industry and Game Tech at XGS

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it can be extremely lucrative. For that to be achieved, it is imperative to have an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary team. And that is what we do at Xamk Game Studios.

Xamk Game Studios main goal is to provide our stakeholders with a safe environment to collaborate and improve game technology expertise for future working life needs across multiple industries, as well as increase international collaboration and collaboration between game technology and other fields.

Xamk Game Studios’ staff has also been focusing on developing its own multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary team.

During 2023, we were more than happy to have Melissa Sarasto, a Service Designer intern with us. She could point out and help us improve in aspects that were not that clear from our perspective.

That is the beauty of multidisciplinary teamwork: different backgrounds provide different perspectives and valuable insights.

A Safe Environment to Learn and Improve

During 2023  Xamk Game Studios’ summer internship, we made sure to provide a mixture of gaming  and game technology projects related to other industries to ensure that it would create a multidisciplinary environment where our interns would be free to improve both their technical and soft skills.

Some projects were focused purely on gaming, such as creating a game that makes use of the DualSense controller features and one that uses VR and Haptic feedback technology.

On the other hand, there were three projects that focused on applying game technologies in other industries. Such as creating educational VR environments for Social Work students and railroad workforce.

Lastly, the third project focused on the healthcare sector, developing an app for people with lower back pain.

These 5 projects created an environment where there was a need for multidisciplinary collaboration and communication with their respective stakeholders. Consequently, preparing our interns for a multicultural and multidisciplinary market.

In a nutshell, to develop and improve game technologies, it is imperative to have a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. That is why Xamk Game Studios is focused in integrating both during our Summer Internship and Annual Event (Game Track).

Let’s connect

Xamk Game Studios Summer Internship 2024 applications will start early next year, so if you are a student and are interested in being in our future internship or be part of our Incubator, keep an eye out for the application and follow us on LinkedIn.

If you want to collaborate with us, be it discussing the possibility of having your project in our internship, collaborating with us at Game Track or anything else. Please, reach out to us.

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